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Whether you are a multinational corporation or a small local shop SEO the likelihood is you will have some form of website. The crucial aspect is making sure that people who look for your website are able to find it. Therefore it is vital that you find the right Malta SEO services in order to ensure that the people looking for your business are able to find it.


Malta SEO services is run by Gus Woltmann. He is passionate about helping businesses and he has established this company in order to ensure that businesses are able to be seen by potential customers and to maximise the returns on the investment companies put into their website regardless of their size.





SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It sounds complicated but the idea is actually very simple- it is about using the right keywords in order to ensure that people who want to find a certain business or service are able to do so.



For example you ought to have an “About Us” page that includes details about where your business is located. If your business is large enough you would use “Malta baked goods” as a keyword. However if your business is smaller and you want to target a specific area you might use keywords such as Valeletta doughnuts or Cospicua blueberry muffins.




A good example is if you run a local bakery. You want to be sure that people looking for baked goods are able to find it. Therefore you would add certain keywords such as bread, doughnuts, cakes and so forth. In theory this would then get you higher up the search engine rankings and it would make it easier for people to find your business.



The problem is that companies all over the world produce bread, doughnuts and cakes. Therefore you also need to include other keywords in order for people to find your business in the local area.



At this point you may be tempted to say “Well surely I could fill a page with keywords and I would go straight to the top of the search engine pages?” Unfortunately it is not that simple. Search engines tend to have filters that check for duplicate content and excessive amounts of keywords.


This is partially the reason why Gus Woltmann established Malta SEO services. Unfortunately companies that offer this kind of service do not always keep up to date. Therefore some clients who have paid for the service find that they either get big short term gains but not long term presence on the top pages or they get the top result on pages that are not especially relevant to their business.



Gus Woltmann has compiled these tips to help people compare different Malta SEO services in order to ensure you get the best possible service-



Be wary of guarantees- A company should not guarantee you a high ranking before they have seen your site. A good SEO consultant will look at your site and make recommendations to improve your keyword density and search engine presence rather than making a bold claim they cannot back up.



Recommendations- If the company is recommended by others then they are worth contacting. Malta SEO services have been recommended by a number of e-commerce businesses who have been able to improve the efficiency of their business thanks to their SEO enhanced websites.



Do a background check- Learn more about the business as well as the service they offer. This best companies will be reputable and will often have the positive reviews and feedback to back this up.



Best practise- The best Malta SEO services will use ethical methods in order to get their clients to the top of search engine rankings.



How are the results measured? An SEO company ought to be willing to say how they will assess the quality of their SEO campaigns.



Check the agreement- A company ought to be willing to clarify the fees involved and the service you can expect for that fee. Look at what you are paying for in the long term and be wary of anyone who offers short term gains. It is better to choose a company that will work with you and continually updates their services to benefit you as your company grows.



Gus Woltmann is someone who has worked with businesses for many years. He prides himself on making sure that businesses have the tools they need to make their company more efficient and to achieve the growth their efforts deserve. Malta SEO services is another fine example of this.


Contact Malta SEO services today ( to find out more about the SEO services they offer and how the company can create a plan suited to the needs of your business. Find out today what they can do for you to help you get the most from your website.